The 2019 IEEE 2nd Connected and Automated Vehicles Symposium (IEEE CAVS 2019) will be co-located with VTC2019-Fall. CAVS participants can register with a Workshop ONLY registration if they only wish to attend CAVS or a VTC+Workshop registration if you wish to attend CAVS and VTC. You can find the registration fees and process to register at

For information about visa requirements for travel to the USA, visit

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society is happy to provide a letter of support for all attendees of IEEE CAVS 2019 and IEEE VTC2019-Fall. Support letters can be requested during registration. So if you are in need of one, please check the appropriate selection when making your registration.

Note that a valid registration and full payment are required PRIOR to receiving a letter.

For unregistered conference attendees who are

- Members of the Organizing Committee

- Tutorial Presenters

- Track Chairs

- Keynotes

- Panelists

- Workshop Organizers

a letter of support can be requested from the Conference Organizers. Please email Cerry Leffler to request your visa support letter.